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FrenchFry.com is a fun website where you can find french fry recipes, vote on who makes the best french fry and also to find coupons for your favorite fast food restaurants. Did you know Americans places over 8.7 billion french fry orders in the last twelve months! It truly is one of Americas favorite and most popular foods.

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A pack of French fry potatoes is practically the staple for many people in the world, but did you know that it's a fairly recent invention? French fries first became widely popular in the 1830s in France and Belgium. As to who invented it first, nobody knows. Both countries claim one of its countrymen first had the brilliant idea of frying potato slices in hot cooking oil. In any case, it's fair to say that both the French and the Belgians discovered it at roughly the same time.

The most common type of French fries are the plain salted fries, however, there are actually different incarnations of the same French fry potatoes: there are shoe string fries that are really cute mini versions of the regular fries, potato wedge fries which are thicker than the regular fries. And then there are twister fries and wavy french fries. In other words, French fries have evolved from being plain and boring to something you can't live without, especially when you're eating hamburgers.

You don't have to go to Burger King or McDonald's to eat fries, you can cook them at home. It's really not that difficult. The only thing you need is a french fry cutter which costs only $15 on Amazon. You just insert the peeled potatoes to the peeler and then press it through the blades until you get some shaped potatoes. If you prefer shoestring potatoes, you can use a shredder to do the job.

There are two ways that you can cook your fries. You can either fry them or bake them. Baked French fry potatoes are healthy but there's no denying the fried ones are sinfully good. There are several ways that you can enjoy your fries to you. Flavor your fries with melted or powdered cheese or mix onions and tomatoes to make salsa.

In the French parts of Canada like Montreal, you can find the poutine, which mixes the fries with cheese curds and gravy. In the Netherlands, you will find the frietsaus, where french fries are dipped in tomato or curry ketchup and raw onions.

In the United Kingdom, fries are enjoyed with fish, hence the fish and chips dish that's commonly sold in London's bars. Think what you will about fish and chips, but there's no denying they're popular because of the potatoes.

Deep fried potatoes can be a waste of cooking oil. You can still make some fries by heating a pan, and then frying the potatoes. To add more flavor and character to the potatoes, add some sliced onions and season with salt to taste.

In conclusion, the potato has come a long way from being a condemned tubular crop that were only fed to hogs and prisoners. Right now, practically everyone loves fries. As we said earlier, there are many ways that you can enjoy potatoes. Aside from the ones we mentioned above, you can do some research online on how you can enjoy french fries.

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The French Fry Business

Below is a recent video from Bloomerg. The reporter Alix Steel makes a bold claim saying the French Fry "is the most important food in America!" Among some of the more interesting points in her segement, she also points out that the recent launch of Burger King's new "satisfries" may be a desperation move on the companies part since you "only change fries when you have to."

The video states that according to Piper Jaffray, aproximately 10% of Burger King's 1.1 Billion in revenue comes from frency fry sales. That is over 100 million dollars in annual french fry sales! They also estimate that of McDonalds 27 Billion dollars in revenue, 4.5% comes from Americas favorite food. That's over a billion dollars in French Fry sales from one just one company!!!!


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